Biogas plants
Gas engines:

The limited supplies of the main fossil fuels; natural gas, waste gas and biogas force us to look for the most efficient methods of producing electricity and heat.

The decentralized power-heat cogeneration in combined heat and power units (CHPs) is one way of doing this. Right now, CHPs are the most economic method of converting the energy stored in natural gas, waste gas and biogas into electricity and heat without transfer loss in the process. CHP units reach efficiency levels of almost 90% with these primary energy sources.

MAN’s Otto gas engines in both in-line and V-configurations offer many advantages with decentralized power-heat cogeneration. They eliminate dependence on the public power network and provide a cost-effective and highly efficient use of energy. In addition, they generate particularly low levels of pollution. MAN’s gas engines provide benefits in terms of independence and operating costs, but also in terms of our environment.

Robust and compact, highly reliable, assured availability, convincing economics and appealing cost-effectiveness, MAN’s gas engines have many decisive advantages and offer a first-class alternative for the producers and operators of CHPs.

atelier welter, biogas, gülle, welcleaning, manure system, motor 
atelier welter, biogas, gülle, welcleaning, manure system, motor