Combined heat/power stations
„Enerbloc 2000“

The engine:
Engines that we modify are used as the standard fitting. They can be run on the following fuels>>heating oil, natural gas, palm oil, biogas; plant oil, rape seed oil and other fuels.

The generator:
Asynchronous or synchronous generators are used, depending on the customer's needs and where the unit will be used. Asynchronous generators need a fixed network to produce energy. Synchronous generators, however, work independently of the public mains and so can be used for emergency power supplies and on islands. In these cases, the required electricity is used and the surplus is saved directly in the network.

The container:
The CHP unit "Enerbloc 2000" can be housed in a sound- and heat-proof protective casing. Our CHP units run very quietly in the casing and so don't cause a noise problem.

The heat exchangers:
The waste heat generated by the engine is transferred to the associated heating system and used as heating energy through the waste heat and coolant system heat exchangers.

The controls:
A distinction is made here between the controls for heating and electricity needs. If heat is needed, the system will switch the unit on itself. If electricity is needed, the unit will also start itself up and save the heat in buffer storage. A unit control module constantly monitors oil pressure, oil level, engine temperature, the generator, maintenance alerts, etc. when the machine is operating. Our Enerblocs can also be set up for remote monitoring though modems.