Biogas plants
Spark ignition engines:

Because spark ignition engines use a minimum of diesel pilot fuel, this engine ignites reliably with very high ignition energy, independently of the methane concentration of the biogas-air mix. Such engines can handle methane concentrations ranging from 10 to 80%. Deutz engines from the production series FM 1012/1013/1015 are setting totally new standards in diesel engine construction. With this series, the Deutz engine now offers a full range of engines from 30 to 400 kW. Fifty new patents, totally new technologies in, for example, the cooling system, injection systems and regulators, emphasize the innovative and trendsetting concept of this production series. Typical Deutz quality standards also distinguish the new engines: a long life-span, high reliability and exceptionally easy maintenance. The new Deutz engines can therefore be recommended as the power solution of the future. They harmonize tradition and innovation as well as nature and economics.

New technology:
The new Deutz engines are fluid-cooled. A world first: integrated cooling in fluid-cooled engines. A new high-pressure injection system with individual injection pumps that are integrated into the crankcase.

New values:
The new 1012/1013/1015 series is also convincing because of the extremely low emissions values: they meet EURO 1-3 standards. They’re the best in the field in terms of noise emission. The fuel consumption is admirably low. A stainless steel-plated heat exchanger is used to separate the engine cooling and the heating circulation systems. The exhaust heat is reclaimed through a tube bundle heat exchanger that doesn’t require maintenance. The compact unit, engine generator is mounted through rubber suspension onto a robust steel-frame. Engine safety (temperature, oil) is monitored though an electronic unit.