Biogas plants
Advantages of a biogas plant:

The use of biogas instead of fossil fuels contributes to a reduction in the greenhouse effect. An associated CHP generates heat and electricity. As a result of the power-heat cogeneration, the system has a high degree of efficiency. The biomass becomes runny in the gas production process and this makes it easier to remove with modern techniques. Ground seepage is minimized and the burden on the groundwater is significantly reduced.
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Biomass that has had the gas removed is a more effective fertilizer than raw sewage and so serves to reduce the use of mineral fertilizers, which require a lot of energy to produce. An additional aspect is that CH4-emissions aren't released through the anaerobic treatment as they are through the use of residual organic materials in compost facilities. The significance of this is made clear by the fact that CH4 is about 30 times more "effective" than CO2 in relation to the greenhouse effect.

Additional advantages are:
  • Biogas plants contribute to the consistent protection of resources.
  • Odor emissions are reduced because the odor-intensive materials are broken down extensively.
  • Support of climate protection targets
  • Production of thermal and electrical energy for personal use >> this leads to more independence.
  • Save money > No additional heat or energy costs
  • Operation of your own energy source
  • Sewage flows better and is easier to pump
  • Savings on fertilizers and plant protection products
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