Sewage engineering
AT Mix Submersible engine and mixer
Advantages to you:
Complete homogenization of sewage after the storage period. Quick mixing up of the floating and sinking layers in pig, cow and chicken slurry. Homogenous sewage is a requirement for exact sewage treatment and optimal fertilizing efficiency. The device runs quietly and doesn't need to be monitored. Because the device works below the surface of the liquid, there are few emissions while the mixing is going on.
Use of the mount shown allows the AT MIX to be set to the liquid level of the silo and the rotational direction of the propeller can also be optimally set. The rectangular siphon and the supporting cable are made out of V2A-steel. As an alternative, a tanker can be used for the sewage canal or soil container.

atelier welter, biogas, gülle, welcleaning, manure system, motor

Degree of efficiency:
The compact construction and the self-cleaning, streamlined two-blade propeller guarantee an excellent degree of efficiency. That means a lot of mixing power for a few kW.
The AT MIX is constructed as a water-pressure resistant single unit with an integrated gearbox. Corrosion-resistant screws, tight seals and careful CNC-based construction guarantee a long life span and high reliability.
The separate switchgear cabinet contains, in addition to the automatic star-delta connection, safety elements like protection from heat and excess voltage. The thermo-sensor is located directly in the motor winding.
The AT-MIX is very easy to maintain. A change of gear oil every two years is all that's needed.