Sewage engineering
Standard sewage preparation - a problem::
The enormous amount of sewage is a big problem for agricultural operations with a high density of animals. This is especially the case for operations with a too high density of animals per unit of surface area. Legal conditions make the situation even more complicated. For that reason, the sewage has to be processed appropriately. The usual systems for processing the sewage accordingly are very time-consuming and work-intensive, and the investment costs are enormous.
SEPARATORS turn sewage into valuable fertilizer::
The fully automatic separation of sewage, that is, separation of sewage into liquid and solid components has definitive advantages. The fertilizing sewage that remains can be brought out at any time without complicated homogenizing technology. The odorless solid component can be stored easily.

Fluid component:
  • Avoidance of floating layers in the separated sewage
  • Minimization of sewage odors
  • Better ground penetration, quick availability of nutrients, as well as minimal danger of acid burns
  • Higher output quantity pro hectare than with standard sewage
  • Smaller storage volume because the sewage is reduced by 15 to 30%.
Solid component:
  • Odorless and continual auto-composting
  • Bedding is recycled
  • Where nutrients are needed, the solid phase can be used as highly-concentrated fertilizer (for example in garden centers, etc.)
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