About the company:

WELTER ROMAIN ET FILS was founded by Romain Welter in 1974. In the early years, the company focused on the production of transformers and the operation of its own winding room and electric engine repair shop. To better position the company in the market, operations were later expanded to include the areas of building technology, power set construction and the construction of switchgears (of any size).

When Yves and Frank Welter joined their father at the company in the mid-1980s, operations were expanded further. During the years that followed, the company engaged in bell engineering, automotive engineering and sewage technology for farmers. Later, in the early 1990s, more emphasis was placed on environmental engineering. That is, on the in-house design and construction of combined heat and power stations and biogas plants of all sizes. The company also developed membrane- and filter-systems for the environmentally-sound processing of pig- and cow-sewage, as well as organically contaminated fluids and communal sewer systems.

Today, the company consists of various operations, a rotor winding room, a metal-working shop, turning shop, repair workshop, planning and design bureaus and a programming division (programmable logic controllers). We place special emphasis on employee flexibility in order to meet all demands. All of our employees are kept up-to-date with the newest technological developments through continuing education and are made familiar with fields outside their own areas of expertise. You'll profit from our professional way of doing business because we guarantee you highly efficient and quick work that meets the highest standards of quality.