Individual transformer development and production: :

Because of many years of experience as producers of high-quality transformers, we're in a position to develop and produce transformers according to individual technical specifications. We're happy to be able to provide transformers that are manufactured to your specifications and perform up to 250 KVA. No matter whether cast or impregnated, with access lines or pins or plug-in systems, in plastic or sheet metal casings - just ask us about the transformer you need.

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In general:
Transformers are pieces of equipment that work according to the induction principle to transfer electricity from a system with a given voltage into a system with a desired voltage. Transformers can change voltage and electricity, separate the two electrically or perform both tasks at once.

One differentiates between compensator- and isolating- as well as control- and safety-transformers.

Compensator transformers
are transformers with common input and output windings. There is no separation of the two systems.

Isolating transformersare transformers with electrically separated windings to meet the "Safety isolation" requirement for the connection of a single unit. Production according to VDE 0550.

Control transformersare transformers with electrically separated windings for the supply of control circuits. Production according to VDE 0550.

Safety transformersare transformers whose input and output windings are electronically separated and are designed to provide power to distribution board circuits, an instrument or other installation with "safety low voltage" of up to 42V. Production according to VDE 0551.

All of the transformers we produce are measured against the VDE 0550 or VDE 0551 standards. Control transformers also meet the VDE specification 0113. All transformers are equipped according to isolation thermal class E (120 °C) and for a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C. Air humidity is assumed to be around 80%; they have mounting brackets according to DIN and have pins that meet VDE standard 0110. atelier welter, biogas, gülle, welcleaning, manure system, motor
Product range:
Single phase- and control-transformers
with separated windings for single phase and control circuits

Isolating transformers
With separated windings for operations where "ground-free" voltage is needed

Series transformers
in "economy circuit" to increase or decrease the existing network voltage

Rotary current-air-transformers
With separate windings, these are transformers that transform to the voltages most commonly used by electrical appliances.

Starting transformers
in "economy circuit" for the start-up of three-phase engines

in standing and lying constructions. All transformers can also be delivered in a protective casing.